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Subtext Readings [Sep. 17th, 2004|02:08 am]
Slasherium - Literary Discussion of Slash
What general literature has subtext that should warrant more interest in proliferating Slash for that book or series?

[User Picture]From: curtangel
2004-09-24 03:46 pm (UTC)
I'm not really sure what you're asking here...
Are you asking for underdone fandoms?
If so, I'd say in general, Shakespeare is quite ripe for that. As a matter of fact a lot of "classic" literature is. I imagine to some extent that would be do to the different standards of male friendship, and the fact that older books tend to be a bit more male oriented.
I'm sorry, I tend to be rather dense when it comes to finding subtext on my own. There's only a few I've thought of on my own without seeing a story that made me go "Ohhhh..."
One of them is the wonderful, excellent play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" by Tom Stoppard (which technically falls into the Shakespeare catagory). Not the movie. Not to be harsh on the movie version, but the subtextual lines and scenes were cut and it really plays differently. As a matter of fact, those lines are quite often cut from performed versions and are actually marked off to be cut (Stoppard brackets lines he considers "cuttable") in the performance edition of the play. *sigh* I've only seen one performance that utilizes the full play and it came across very slashy. Which is perhaps the reason the lines are cut most of the time.
Sorry, to go on about this, i just hit my personal.. thing..
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