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Literary Discussion of the Slash Genre

Slasherium - Literary Discussion of Slash
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In general, the Book Industry has ignored the existence of Slash. The genre has evolved on what may be considered the fringes of the industry, first appearing in fan magazines. With the advent of the Internet, this genre has united fans who were separated by underexposure. Now, with increased availability, it is time to discuss what is unique about this genre. Slash deserves this status, to have broad trends observed and fandoms compared as does any other literature genre.

Debate regarding Slash is encouraged, but it is not necessary to de-evolve it into flame wars. Conversation should not be about specific stories, unless they are examples about the fandom. Recommending fandoms is not problematic, but please give details reasons as to why it would be read besides the Slash. It would also be preferred if Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings does not proliferate the group so that smaller fandoms have more opportunities for discussion.

At the moment, the community is open to all membership, but please be of mature mind and manner. The moderator may choose to have select membership in the future depending on how the community develops. Please keep this in mind, especially in regards to spam.

Thank you for enduring this seriousness, so now have some fun with Slash and Subtext!

The Moderator-